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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What equipment do I need for a triathlon?

  • Do I need a wetsuit for the swim portion of the triathlon?

    • That depends on the water temperature. If the official water temperature on race day is:

      • 15.9°C or under​, wetsuits are mandatory.

      • 16°C-21.9°C, wetsuits are optional.

      • 22°C or above, wetsuits are forbidden.​​

    • Historically in Morden's Triathlon, wetsuits have been optional. But this is prepared for anything!​

    • There are new rules regarding wetsuit temperature for athletes 60+: wetsuits are allowed for this age group up to 24.6°C.

  • Can I stop and rest during the swim?

    • Yes,​ you can stop and rest if needed. You can stand (if in a shallow spot) or hold on to a boat or paddle board provided by an official as long as you don't move forward. Any forward movement must be achieved by swimming.​​

  • Are disc wheels allowed on my bike?​

    • Disc wheels are generally allowed, however the head referee may choose to rule that disc wheels cannot be used for safety reasons (such as high wind). This ruling can be made on race day, so if you're planning on using a disc wheel we recommend also bringing another option.

  • What kind of handlebars are allowed on my bike?​

    • Only handlebars and clip-on bars not extending beyond the leading edge of the front wheel will be permitted. Clip-on bars in two pieces do not need to be bridged. All tube ends have to be plugged.​ (Cross triathlon bikes must have mountain bike style handlebars; traditional road handlebars are not allowed.)

  • Can I cross the finish line with my family?​

    • Sorry, but only athletes are allowed on the course. Your family can join you after the finish line. This keeps it fair for all athletes and insures that non-participants don't block the course for our athletes.​

  • What's the difference between Olympic distance races and Standard distance races?

    • The terms Olympic and Standard are often used interchangeably for the same race.​

  • I want to race on Saturday and Sunday - can I do that?​

    • If your races are all sprint distance or less you can race both days.​ If one or more of the events that you've signed up for are of standard/olympic distance, then the start times of your 2 races must be at least 24 hours apart. If they are, then you can race both. (Our Olympic races are 24 hours apart - so yes, you can!)

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