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Hi Cross Triathletes!

Welcome to our Morden course. In case you are unaware, Mother Nature has provided an abundance of water to us here in southern Manitoba this year. That means that our trail is still slightly muddy in certain spots, and... we have 2 creek crossings to navigate! All part of the fun of trail riding. Here is some more information to help you better prepare.

Creek crossing #1 will require a mandatory dismount. This creek crossing comes at the end of a fairly steep downhill section. There will be signage and a volunteer at the bottom to alert you to the mandatory dismount area. The best way to navigate this crossing (in our opinion) is to wade through the calf-deep water, carrying your bike across. Watch your step as the rocky creek bottom is uneven. Here is a video to show you the current state of the creek crossing (as of July 2):

Creek crossing #2 will also require a mandatory dismount. This one is a little easier and shorter than the last one. It's even possible to cross without getting your feet wet! This video shows you creek crossing #2:

The cross triathlon bike course is challenging, with lots of steep hills and twisty turns. There are also beautiful gravel road sections for you to catch your breath. We hope you enjoy racing on our beautiful Morden trail!

In the event of excessively wet weather that makes the trail unrideable on race weekend, the cross triathlon bike portion of the course will be changed to a gravel grind. See the link below for a map:

Cross Triathlon Alternate Gravel Grind

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